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feralspirit41 sent: Is it sad that I have memorized "master of the house", "stars", "red and black", most of "who am I", and "do you hear the people sing"? I love those songs so much. Cant quite get "one day more"

No sad at all, you lovely person! :D

Just remember that we are all a bunch of half-grown people that fawn over dead revolutionaries/french police inspectors/generally dead french people! Oh, and we try to sing all the parts of “One Day More” together - failing miserably, but… yeah.

So don’t feel sad - it is just the beginning of an adventure <3

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OTP: Enjolras/Barricade

OT3: Enjolras/Barricade/France

And that’s all I have to say about the matter.

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In 1832 France we don’t say “I love you” - we say Quel beau marbre! and I think that is tragically beautiful.

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randomsparklymusings sent: Hey!! I just reblogged basically half of your blog because it's lovely and it's almost 2am so I had nothing better to do X3

Ehi, you precious person ~

I am so glad to hear that you like my blog, and please, reblog all you want <3 I am sorry that I have not been here as much as I’d like lately, but still it is very nice to get messages like this! Thank you very much, I greatly appreciate <3

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illuminate-this sent: Your blog gives me strength

I am very glad to hear it - like very glad!

I want you to know that even if I don’t know you I am proud of you. Proud that you have the strength to overcome difficult moments, and standing up for yourself. You deserve the best.

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Anonymous sent: hi ! You post pic from kinopoiskru , do you know russian ?

Ehi there!

No, I am afraid I don’t know russian :’(  I can speak english and italian… everything I post is either made by me, or stumbled on from the net - I give credit for fanarts and videos, though. Sorry!

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Enjolras is my man crush ok bye —Victor Hugo, probably
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One frank for your thoughts, Enjolras.

I bet Grantaire is involved, just saying

Gif not mine

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hell yeah

hell yeah

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Sorry not sorry

Sorry not sorry

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